4 Things You Should Know About Lingerie

Lingerie is more than just underwear. Not just something to wear under your clothes, the right lingerie can enhance and shape figures, and is a powerful item for boosting confidence and self esteem. Lingerie can determine how an outfit will appear and is available in many different colours, patterns and designs to suit the mood of every woman.

There are many things which lingerie can help to achieve and create, however often people have misconceptions and so below are points which everyone should know about your lingerie…

Image via Esty Lingerie

1.      The correct lingerie can lift your bust, bum and spirits

If the right lingerie is chosen it can make you feel and look amazing. Choose carefully and it’s possible to enhance a small bust, balance out a pear shape or show off your curves to best effect. The many styles of lingerie available today allow you to feel totally at ease and beautiful in your body – don’t forget to think about fabrics either as beautiful lace and silk fabrics can instantly help to brighten your mood making you feel sexy, so they’re perfect for those special occasions.


 2.      Expensive does not always mean better

Some lingerie is expensive as a result of the brand name or costly advertising campaigns, rather than having anything to do with the quality of fabrics or the workmanship. Consider more than just the price when choosing high quality lingerie, especially if it is a gift – look at the small details, such as the stitching. Is is well put together? If it’s for yourself, always try it on and see if it is comfortable. True luxury lingerie should always be a pleasure to wear. There is plenty of great lingerie available for a cheaper price which can make you feel just as good as any expensive bra or basque set.

3.      Lingerie can’t compensate for a bad diet or lifestyle

Shape wear has come a long way since its invention – gone are the ugly pieces of the past, replaced with pieces that not only sculpt and shape the figure but look great too. From powernet mesh to super stretchy lace, shape wear no longer has to mean flesh toned nylon. However, remember that shape wear is there to enhance and flatter your figure, not hide it completely. Plus, if it sucks you in too much, it won’t be comfortable either! So, always lead a healthy lifestyle and think of shape wear as a helping hand, not a fix-all.  

4.      Lingerie may not make you look like the model in the advert

Whether the model in the advertisement has a fuller figure, toned figure, dark skin or light skin, don’t expect to look just like her. Advertising campaigns heavily edit their photos, creating an unrealistic result that is hard for the everyday woman to acheive. So, don’t compare yourself to the adverts – the sexiest thing is confidence, so if you believe you look fantastic in your new lingerie, your partner will too!

Michelle Star writes for Esty Lingerie, a luxury lingerie retailer selling a range of high quality, reasonably priced pieces by independent designers, such as basques, corsets and bra sets.

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