5 All Natural Skin Care Options

Having problem skin isn’t an easy thing to go through. It’s not just about the way you look, it can be a financial strain as well. Every year, people spend thousands of dollars on products and creams, some of which don’t even work! In some cases, all of these chemical compounds with unnatural ingredients can eventually take a toll on your skin. Creams designed to get rid of blemishes can have the opposite effect if you’re not careful, or if you apply them too much. Sometimes it’s better just to let your skin breathe while using natural products that won’t aggravate the situation. You’ll find that when it comes to skin care, regular natural treatment is far better than bombarding your skin with chemicals at the same time. Here are some of the best natural products that will help to keep your skin feeling great and looking healthy.

Aloe Vera – this is one of the most popular natural elements that can help to bolster the strength of your skin. If you take a look at your hand creams or facial lotions, there’s a good chance it contains Aloe vera already. This is something you can grow on your own, and there are a variety of forms you can use with different extraction techniques. You can even snap off a few leaves off an Aloe vera plant and use them to sooth a rash or burn.

Green Tea – this healthy beverage is one of the best sources of antioxidants in the world. It can also help to reduce stress levels which can play a vital role in how your skin looks as well. More importantly, it helps to counteract the effects of free radicals in your system, and that means fewer wrinkles, less premature aging, and protection from the elements. You can choose to drink green tea on its own, but it’s also broken down into smaller components and added to products as well. Take a look at popular skin creams, and look for ones with green tea elements to get a further boost of skin protecting power.


Citrus Toner – one of the worst feelings in the world is having oily skin that gets even oilier as each hour passes. You might feel like washing your face, but you can’t do that all the time. It’s even worse when your pores get clogged with oil, and acne develops soon after. In order to keep your skin type and toned, how about an all-natural citrus toner? This is something you can make yourself with rose water and a touch of lime. You can also use different combinations of lemons, oranges, or grapefruit – all of which contain pictures that helps to tone your face. The natural acidity and Vitamin C are great for your skin in the right doses.


Oatmeal – another all-natural treatment comes in the form of one of the most popular breakfast foods in the world. It might seem strange, but rather than using a chemical mask, you can use oatmeal. It’s an all-natural way to help absorb the excess oil on your skin, while soothing your face at the same time. A mixture of oatmeal, natural milk, and a touch of honey can work wonders that you’ll notice right away. Rather than slathering on a facial mask loaded with ingredients that you can’t even pronounce, and oatmeal alternative every couple of weeks can make a huge difference. It’s also a lot cheaper!


Good Fats – it’s important to remember that oil is not necessarily your enemy when it comes skin care. While it definitely presents a problem in terms of acne, you don’t want to totally dry out your skin either. Dry skin leads yours cells to respond by producing even more oil, and this leads to more problems than people realize. It’s important to find a balance, and that means looking at your diet in addition to the products you put on your face. There are good fats that come in the form of Omega three’s and you can get them from eating certain nuts and salmon. They help to make your skin walls stronger and thicker, and this goes a long way in warding off infection, discoloration, and breakouts.


These are general skincare tips designed for people with everyday problems. If you’re facing the more specific problem of acne, make sure to visit http://howtogetridofacnehelp.com/ for more detailed help. When you play an active role in the health of your skin, that’s when you get the best results. It’s not just about finding good products, it’s about coming up with an overall routine that you can maintain on a regular basis.

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